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What is Leadership Clear Lake??

The Leadership Clear Lake program is designed to educate and equip the future leaders of our region by providing them the skills they need to excel. The program focuses on personal and professional development as well as community study and involvement. The skills learned through Leadership Clear Lake will affect the way you think about your career, community, and society. The program includes:

  • Insights Personality Assessment Test
  • Interactive Learning Days
  • “Field Trips” to local businesses and organizations

What does this offer your company?

Leadership Clear Lake allows you to invest in the future of the company by providing professional training for key employees, supplying them with skills that will benefit the candidate and the workplace such as:

  • Leading from strengths
  • Visionary leadership
  • Planning and setting priorities
  • Team building
  • Government and Educational services
  • Developing a business network
  • Nonprofit engagement
  • Industry tours
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Aerospace agencies

What does this offer the individual?

In addition to the benefits received by companies, program attendees will:

  • Learn about their personal strengths
  • Learn how to adapt those strengths in a leadership position
  • Learn how to be better employees & community members 

Want to become a sponsor for Leadership Clear Lake?  Learn how to below!

Leadership Underwriter (Limit 2) | $3,500

  • One attendee for Leadership Clear Lake
  • Logo recognition on promotional materials, including, Weekly Window, E-blasts, social media, etc.
  • Recognition at Program Orientation
  • Company name announced as a sponsor at Chamber meetings including, Board of Directors Meeting and General Membership Luncheon
  • Logo on Participant Notebook
  • Printed material included in Class Notebook
  • Recognition at Program Graduation
  • Sponsor award and photo op at Program Graduation

Meeting Sponsor (Limit 2 per Session) | $350

  • Recognition on Weekly Window email prior to event
  • Presentation at sponsored session (3-5 minutes)
  • Printed materials distributed during the sponsored session day
  • Signage at meeting
  • On the Horizon E-Blast Ad

Scholarship Donation | $100+

Help fund the scholarship program offering deserving individuals the chance to experience Leadership Clear Lake. 

To become a sponsor download the form here: Leadership Clear Lake Sponsorship Form

Ron Klinger is the founder and president of Motivational Transformations, where he conducts academic and career coaching for high school and college students, provides organizational consulting where he works to, “Enhance lives through unleashing human potential.” Ron has delivered staff training and development sessions for large and small businesses, colleges and universities, and school districts. Ron facilitates the classroom study portion of Leadership Clear Lake.

Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

Shannon Harms

Gulf Cost Educators Federal Credit Union, Class of 2019

There is so much value in relationships and personal growth. Leadership Clear Lake provided multiple opportunities to cultivate lifelong relationships and growth on a personal and professional level. We started with a strong foundation with the insights discovery and were able to use that knowledge to build month over month. The field trips helped support what we learned and gave us an opportunity to see things in action in our community in all different aspects of education, legislative, industry, small business, nonprofit, etc. I am a better person and a better leader for having the opportunity to participate in this program. It is a community I am proud to be a part of. I am thankful to my employer for giving me that opportunity.

John Herman

AMOCO Federal Credit Union, Class of 2021

Leadership Clear Lake was a very engaging and diverse experience that continues to benefit me both personally and professionally. The program led me to take an introspective look into myself as an individual and provided invaluable insight into the importance of great leadership. Through personal assessments, meeting successful leaders in the community, and learning from the experiences my classmates shared-- I obtained many takeaways that I still continue to implement in my own career. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this program which helped lead me on a journey to strive to be a better leader. No matter what stage you're at in your career, Leadership Clear Lake has something to offer everyone.

Emily Krone

Emily T. Krone & Company, PLLC, Class of 2019

Leadership Clear Lake was one of the most impactful and transformative experiences I have been through in my adult life, both professionally and personally. Beginning with the revealing Insights test results that provided a very intimate and in-depth look into who I am as a leader and person, and continuing through the fantastic "field trips" we took visiting the various industries and institutions that make up our community (legislative, military, educational, non-profit, for-profit, municipal, etc.), every meeting was worth it. I grew as a person, first and foremost, and saw this growth trickle into my becoming a better employee, a more courageous business woman, a more confident mom, and a more effective and impactful leader. I am forever grateful to my employer for sending through this program.

Yuvraj Malhotra

UTMB Health, Class of 2023

Working with great current leaders and future leaders of our community was enlightening in many ways. I learned that community standards and value of collaboration amongst different industries can dynamically impact the lives of people around, including jobs, pay, education etc. It was an amazing experience and learning to be a better leader can never go wrong."